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CDB-S Dial Indicating Torque Wrench
Dial-indicating torque wrench with interchangeable head.
Model Stock
(at 2015/08/28 5:00AM)
CDB7N4X8D-S 6 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB14N4X8D-S 14 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB25NX10D-S 24 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB50NX12D-S 31 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB100NX15D-S 31 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB200NX19D-S 25 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB300NX22D-S 6 Please ask Tohnichi.
CDB420NX22D-S 9 Please ask Tohnichi.
Detailed Information
Alternative model
5TM Torque Meter
Designed for very low torque (below 7.5mN·m) applications.
Detailed Information
CPT-G ProTork
CPT-G ProTork Digital Type Torque Wrench
Visually check the ongoing torque level
Detailed Information
CSF/CF Beam Type Torque Wrench
Interchangeable head indicating type.
Detailed Information
CTB2-G Digital Type Torque Wrench
Anyone can easily identify the tightened torque at that time.
Detailed Information
DB/DBE/DBR-S Dial Indicating Torque Wrench
Basic dial indicating inspection torque wrench with high accuracy.
Detailed Information
SF/F Beam Type Torque Wrench
Direct reading type for tightening and measuring.
Detailed Information
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